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Season 1

Discuss Hawkeye Episode 6: So This Is Christmas? Finale!

Hawkeye Episode 6: So This Is Christmas. Thank you ALL for spending your holiday season with us for Season 1 of Hawkeye! This week Nick and Jace breakdown the exciting events of the big finale! Kate confronts her mother, Kingpin asserts his dominance, and Yelena attempts to avenge her beloved sister. Can Clint make it home in time for Christmas?

Discuss Hawkeye Episode 5: Ronin

This week Nick and Jace make up for a lost episode. We see what happened to Yelena after Black Widow, who Eleanor is working for, and Maya has a major question answered about who killed her father.

Discuss Hawkeye Episode 4: Partners, Am I Right?

This week Nick and Jace don some lame apparel and breakdown Episode 4. Clint and Kate go on separate missions, They find the elusive Rolex, and a new Black Widow is revealed! We also give some predictions involving the next episodes.

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